You already know that people love to buy from people, don’t you? 

Clients love to support an actual person instead of just a "business"
and always buying from someone you like, know and trust is the way to go. 

To do this, you need to SHOW your face online with your content. With.. photos!

Imagine keeping those ideal clients consistently engaged with fresh content and regularly updated photos.
They will know you through your smiles, your vibrant energy and showcasing your business. 

And the best way to stay consistent without running out of photos? 
Personal Branding Photography Subscriptions.

I'm in! Let's go!

You know that you have things to teach others. 

You know you have lives to change. 

You know that when you connect with your ideal clients, magic just freaking happens. 

You know you have a voice that NEEDS to be heard.

But you want to get seen, heard and connecting faster and with purpose.  

You're here to journey with me to build that amazing Personal Branding that's 100%  in alignment with you.

YES! I'm so in, let's go!

"I have struggled with putting myself out there online" 
"I need to know what branding colours and style are best for my business"
"I know I have great things to share but people aren't connecting with me"
"No one wanted to hear my story in my business"
"My favourite people to work with don't have money to pay me"
"I am not sure how to stand out to attract my ideal clients"
"I haven't been connecting with my ideal clients"
"I haven't found a good business coach who understands energy and can work with it"

Sound Familiar?

I know you're ready to get past any limiting beliefs AND create a stunning online presence 

Figure out how to resonate DEEPLY with your ideal client

Discover your branding style including intentional colours that work with psychology and your specific niche

Align your business values to allow your goals and connections thrive.

Have all your burning personal branding questions quickly answered

Gain insight into the magic of your business through energetic support and intuitive personal astrological insight

Create a brand image that is professional and engaging with a bank of photos to use across all platforms 

the outcome you will get

I know you'll get the tools and insight for your next level personal branding

Alignment so divine, you'll feel in ultimate flow


Get in complete alignment with your personal branding values so that you attract your soulmate clients


2x brand coaching sessions per month
plus MII Mastermind with other entreprenuers (1x per month) 
Direct Voxxer access to Stef daily Mon-Fri for all your questions
Branding Photo session (paid for by Stef if not local to Vancouver, Canada) 
Your personalized Astrology Chart with written Personal Branding tips
Energetic Support in helping you manifest your dream business

5 months for the entrepreneur who is ready to show up and start connecting with their ideal clients. 
Focusing on all three modules of the MII Brand System. 

Because your ideal client is just WAITING for you to show up and you know you're ready to. 

All this for only $1200/month
or $5500 Paid in Full.
A limited intro price offer.

The process of a successful personal brand:

In order to be successful in your personal brand, you need 3 parts: Mindset, Imagery and to Implement. This is MII.

> How you think about yourself and your business, ideal clients, align your business values, how you think about money, what magic you bring to the world. 

Imagery > The visuals of your brand: colours, messaging, graphics, photography.
Implement > How you connect to your ideal clients through the work of Mindset and Imagery: website, social media, networking. 

What clients are saying ...

Before I built my own personal brand...

I spent hours on marketing techniques that weren't very fun
I wasn't consistently working with ideal clients
I had less consistent income 
My prices were HALF of what they are now and I booked less of what I wanted. 
I wasn't confident about putting myself out there to be seen

Then, I took the time to work through the mindset that was stopping me from building the personal brand and business I wanted. 

I *gasp* put myself in front of the camera even though I was scared to and started sharing what it was about ME that made me different. I created the image of who thevioletstef is. 

And I implemented a new strategy, consistent photos of myself and put MY own thoughts and ideas out there to share. 


The ideal clients started rolling in. 
I had strategies and programs that now generate consistent income 
My pricing is confidently higher with another increase coming 
The time I spend marketing is fun and creative 
I LOVE putting myself out there and have the confidence to do it

There's nothing I want more for you than to have the success you desire while having fun doing it. Finding that sweet spot of who you are delivering services and products to the people you will impact the most. 

Building personal brands to share your purpose is my purpose.

Let's Brand Your Brilliance!

Personal Branding Coach

Langley/Vancouver BC Canada & Victoria BC coming soon