You already know that people love to buy from people, don’t you? 

Clients love to support an actual person instead of just a "business"
and always buying from someone you like, know and trust is the way to go. 

To do this, you need to SHOW your face online with your content. With.. photos!

Imagine keeping those ideal clients consistently engaged with fresh content and regularly updated photos.
They will know you through your smiles, your vibrant energy and showcasing your business. 

And the best way to stay consistent without running out of photos? 
Personal Branding Photography Subscriptions.

I'm in! Let's go!

You know what you have to offer to the world. 

You know there's people out there that you are yearning to connect to. 

I know they are willing to pay you what you want. 

And we know that there's a way to create that energetic space 
with the practical strategy to make it happen.

Module 1: You & Them
Get clear with who you are and who they are so you can resonate. 

Module 2: Clear intention of Client Connection
Using hypnosis/NLP techniques and visualization, you will clear the path to finding your soulmate clients that want to pay you.

Module 3: Messaging 
How to pay attention to the way your soulmate clients wants to receive information. 
Not everyone is the same!

Module 4: Visuals
Photography, Colours & Imagery. How to attract your soulmate clients by having strategic visuals.

Modules will be live on Zoom in a private Facebook group Wednesdays in October 2022 at 10am PST. 
All sessions will be recorded in case you can't attend live or want to review. 
Group will be open for 6 months to comment and rewatch videos. 


The process of a successful personal brand:

In order to be successful in your personal brand, you need 3 parts: Mindset, Imagery and to Implement. This is MII.

> How you think about yourself and your business, ideal clients, align your business values, how you think about money, what magic you bring to the world. 

Imagery > The visuals of your brand: colours, messaging, graphics, photography.
Implement > How you connect to your ideal clients through the work of Mindset and Imagery: website, social media, networking. 

You will notice that this program follows these three items!

I'm Ready, sign me up!

What people are saying ...

Before I built my own personal brand...

I spent hours on marketing techniques that weren't very fun
I wasn't consistently working with ideal clients
I had less consistent income 
My prices were HALF of what they are now and I booked less of what I wanted. 
I wasn't confident about putting myself out there to be seen

Then, I took the time to work through the mindset that was stopping me from building the personal brand and business I wanted. 

I *gasp* put myself in front of the camera even though I was scared to and started sharing what it was about ME that made me different. I created the image of who thevioletstef is. 

And I implemented a new strategy, consistent photos of myself and put MY own thoughts and ideas out there to share. 


Then soulmate clients started rolling in. 
I had strategies and programs that now generate consistent income 
My pricing is confidently higher with another increase coming 
The time I spend marketing is fun and creative 
I LOVE putting myself out there and have the confidence to do it

There's nothing I want more for you than to have the success you desire while having fun doing it. Finding that sweet spot of who you are delivering services and products to the people you will impact the most. 

Building personal brands to share your purpose is my purpose.

Still have questions? 

Stef is available via Instagram DM to answer your questions. - @thevioletstef
or email

Instagram has the ability to do voice memos if you prefer to speak rather than type. Stef is not scheduling sales calls for this program.

Personal Branding Coach

Langley/Vancouver BC Canada & Victoria BC coming soon