Teri’s Personal Branding Session [Pitt Meadows / Maple Ridge]

I met Teri through my friend Ashley. Being familiar with my interests and where I wanted to go with my coaching, she suggested I get in touch with Teri and learn about the NLP, Time Line Therapy®️ and Hypnosis that she teaches. I got together with Teri back in September and I loved chatting with her and was very interested in the program. Fast forward to February this year and I took the training, now an essential and amazing part of my coaching business, I’m forever grateful for having Teri introduce it to me. Even better, I got to hang out with this amazing lady a little more and do this personal branding photography session together! We started out in Pitt Meadows, then headed over to Maple Ridge to check out one of her favourite stores and do some awesome business shots at Coworks. Here’s just a handful of the images I did for her… and if you want to book your Personal Branding Session, get in touch!

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