Personal Brand Coaching

The Brand Coaching Process is to help you go from behind the scenes entrepreneur into one that shows up online and attracts your ideal client. Brand coaching addresses a wide range of steps in your business from helping you create a new personal brand with a colour palette, figuring out who your ideal client is, to working through the limiting beliefs and reasons why you can't move forward. Using my own personal MII Brand System, we can go through this process to ensure you have a great brand that is built around YOU.

I work on a personal brand level, meaning that I work with entrepreneurs who have businesses that require them to be the face of the business (which is most small businesses). Coaches, fitness instructors, counsellors, reiki practitioners, and more. Personal branding is showing the world who you are and why they would benefit to buy from you. 

You will benefit from Brand Coaching if.... 

You know you need to show up online but you are scared to or don't know where to start. 

You struggle with self-love and acceptance so that impacts your business and life.

You feel like you are not reaching your ideal client.

You are starting a new brand and want colours & logo help. 

You are blending into the masses and are just like everyone else. 

You have a colour scheme but you don't stick to it or you just randomly picked colours without purpose.

Your instagram and website lacks consistency. 

You want feedback on your current marketing like improving your instagram feed. 

You know you need photography done, but you hate the camera.

You want colours that unconsciously connect to your ideal clients and draw them in.

You want to be memorable online so clients come back to buy from you. 

You're in a competitive business and want an edge online.

You're trying to pivot into the online marketing world (website, instagram) but need imagery and guidance.

You struggle to focus in your business, constantly changing your mind or doing #allthethings. 

You are a multi-talented entrepreneur but still not seeing clients come in. 

You want to bring spirituality into your business without seeming too "woo-woo". 

You want to be the real you online but you don't know what to showcase that's relevant to your business.

You want to discover new clients in a way that worlds for your introverted self.

You want to be true to you in an inauthentic online world. 

Sound like you? Get in touch to see how we can work together and if we are a good fit!

Our coaching sessions can be a conversation with some direction around clients and imagery, creating a new colour palette, some education on marketing such as websites and SEO, an astrology reading to better understand the energy that the Universe shows us as a mirror, NLP to help you overcome limiting beliefs or make decisions, some simple tools to help you attract ideal clients and relationships into your life, resonating with the life you truly desire and more. You need help showing up online, we got this!

This is just the beginning of your new & improved personal brand...

go from random to purposeful
in colour and design

Refreshed their colour palette to connect with their
audiences and better represent their personal brand. 

Gained confidence in showing up online. 

Targeted their soulmate client so they could
increase pricing and love who they worked with. 

Created a more consistent income in a feast or famine type industry. 

Learned how to start a photography business. 

Significantly eased stress in business and personal life. 

Pivoted to a stronger online presence during a pandemic.

Went from HATING themselves in photos to
loving their new branding photos.

Went from page 5 to page 1 on google for a competitive keyword. 

Went from barely paying bills to multi 6 figures in less than a year.

JUST A FEW of the things my clients have done:

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