What is Personal Branding?

My view on marketing you

Branding is the process of creating an enticing visual representation so that your audience knows it’s you and recognizes you right away in marketing material (website, social media, business flyers). When you think of recognizable brands it’s easy to think of big companies like Nike or Walmart. Instantly you know their logo and their colours and even the products they sell. Branding for big companies is actually easier as they just sell products or services with an experience.

When it comes to personal branding of smaller businesses such as entrepreneurs like coaches, photographers, personal trainers, etc., it is a different ball game. People want to buy from people and so not only do you need to have a brand that people can recognize, that brand needs to include you. A lot of the times you’re competing with many people in the same industry so you need to stand out. This includes establishing who you are in relation to your business to be memorable and helping people to get to know you. 

People want to see, hear and feel like they know you and then they will buy from you. Even if it seems scary to put yourself out there, your brilliance is meant to be seen and shared ( else you wouldn’t be an entrepreneur) and it’s how you’ll reach more ideal clients. 

I believe branding comes down to three core things:


In my experience, you can’t have a successful Brand without all three.

Which is why I run my branding coaching through my own creation of the MII Brand System. 

As a branding coach and photographer, I’ll work with you to create an epic and memorable online brand through the MII Brand System that’s You. 

Sound enticing and looks like something you want to do? Let’s connect for a complimentary discovery call and see if we are a good fit. 

Mindset is how we think about our brand, who we want to work with, and what we’re trying to achieve. Often it also includes dealing with what is holding us back from showing up for our clients. It’s being purposeful with our brand choices, and knowing that everything about our brand has meaning. It’s not just random. 


Imagery is what most people think branding is. The logo, an effective colour palette and imagery such as photos and graphics. Branding is establishing these things so that you can move on to marketing which is using your brand and tools such as websites and social media. Again, we are purposeful with every bit of our brand. Imagery, colours and messaging all goes back to what we established in mindset. Colours are picked so they resonate with clients, not just because we like them, photos are taken to appeal to the person who’s going to contact you. 


Implement is just that, putting your branding into play. You can have a great brand developed with awesome colours and cool photos but if you don’t use it properly, it won’t be as effective as it could be. 


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