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Personal Branding Photography is a fairly new term floating around the last few years. It's used to describe a genre that is much like commercial photography - in that it sells a business and it helps people reach new clients. However, it takes it to a more personal level in showcasing the behind the scenes of the business owner, their personality and their career as an overall personal brand. It's the story of what it is you do and small businesses thrive by focusing in on niche clients and connecting with them. In a sense, you are providing your clients an opportunity to connect and buy from you and if you avoid the camera, you might lose that option. Sharing the who, what, why and how of your business is what Brand Photography is all about.  I know it's scary to showcase who you are and be in front of the lens, but my specialty is helping even the most camera shy entrepreneur enjoy this process.

Ashley Doan, WriterGal

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What kind of photos we do

Lifestyle content images
client engagement
styled layflats
product images
Interior Business
Outdoor Headshots
Onsite content imagery
white/black background
Team photos
Event coverage

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