You change as a person and so does your business, so you will find times you need a rebrand in your personal branding. This is how you know it might be time. At times throughout your progress, you need to check in with 3 options.  I usually say that your brand needs REFINEMENT every 3-6 […]


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Time is one of our most precious commodities. Everyone always wants more and doesn’t seem to have enough.  So why spend more of it on your Personal Brand?  The ROI (return on investment) You’ll get more of your time back in exchange for what you put in. Your Personal Brand allows you to… Focus With […]


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If you know that…Energy follows intention You thrive when you focus on a goal Get distracted easily with shiny things Feel at ease when you have purpose Are happy when you have measurable results Then yes. A yearly word, phrase or theme is very useful. As it can help you with all these things. Do […]


Brand Coaching, Stef, Thought Provoking

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