Christine’s Astrology Branding Photos in Vernon

June 10, 2022

Christine and I have been friends for awhile now… coming up to about 8 years! It’s thank to her that I’m now an avid astrologer! So needless to say, when it comes to her business, I’m always thrilled to do her branding photos for her. Her business focuses on astrology and hypnotherapy, so we have TONS in common.

Recently I went to visit her in Vernon with my husband and we had a great time exploring some trails, going to wineries and enjoying some beautiful scenery and sunshine. The cool thing about this process is we actually got to do a lot of mini shoots throughout the weekend, which can be very beneficial for a lot of variety and really capturing parts of Christine’s life for her branding photos.

She kept bugging me that I need to do weekend retreats to give others the chance to have such variety and just a good weekend away… it might be a thing in the future… and if you like the idea, I’d love it if you let me know. Until then, check out this small section of photos from Christine’s session.

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