How knowing my soulmate clients improved my self worth!

August 31, 2022

Have you ever had a client that made you doubt your worth?

Maybe they.. 

  • decided to go with someone else
  • didn’t pay you!
  • overly questioned your methods
  • weren’t excited about working together again
  • constantly negotiated your services
  • weren’t happy with the results
  • had a ton of miscommunication

I think we’ve all experienced at least one of these things… and I know that ANY one of those used to just hit me in the gut. Questioning myself and what I’m doing. 

But that started to change when I knew EXACTLY who my soulmate client is. And I don’t just mean that ideal client avatar, the surface stuff that most people market around. That deep, inner knowing that this person is someone I am stoked to work with. 

Because then I 100% know when they are NOT my soulmate client (probably the most important)! 

So if anything were to happen such as they decide to go with someone else, or there is miscommunication, or even no sense of trust. I DON’T take it personally because I know it wasn’t me, it was just a mismatched vibe. 

There’s no questions of my worth. There’s no doubts. I trust in the energy and the strategy of knowing who my soulmate clients are. 

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