Everlast Painting [Delta Branding Photographer]

February 19, 2021

Everlast Painting is a commercial and residential painted based out of Langley, BC but they travel throughout the lower mainland to do various projects.

When they got in touch with me they were working on a commercial project out in Annacis Island and thought it was the perfect opportunity to do both some in action painting photos and some headshots. This project had a lot of variety so we were able to get many different shots that could pass as multiple projects.

We finished off the session focusing on the main couple of the company with some lifestyle imagery of the two of them. Plus the name Everlast comes from boxing so a little throw back to that as well – pun intended! They also have a very retro and fun brand which see throughout their marketing, so we wanted to ensure they stayed on brand and brought this through their imagery.

Lucky for us we had a gorgeous, albeit very cold, sunny day to do some outdoor photos as well as the indoor. Here’s a few photos from the shoot.

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