How to use the Zodiac in your brand [Astrology Branding]

February 19, 2021

Your astrology chart can be a fantastic tool for branding. I originally became interested in astrology years ago to find out more about other people, when in fact I found out more about myself than I ever thought I could! In branding, you can use elements of your own personal natal astrology to develop an image that is perfect for you. These are some of the elements you can look at beyond your sun sign to develop your personal brand.

Sun Sign

This is the one most people talk about, determined by your birthday and when people say “I’m a Capricorn”. Your sun sign is the core of who you are, so most definitely impacts how you showcase yourself.

Rising Sign

Determined by the time and place of your birth, your rising sign is the face you project to the world! The way people see you, rather than you necessarily see yourself. On a basic level, this is MORE important for your branding that your sun sign and if you base it on one part of your astrology chart, this is the one!

North Node

The lunar nodes are determined by the Sun, Earth and Moon when you were born and are in the signs that eclipses are in when you’re born. We know that eclipses are big events that correspond with the moon cycles and your intuition. Your North Node in particular helps guide you to your life’s purpose which is ideal in creating a business and a personal online identity.

Other Placements

Venus – what you attract and value
Mars – your drive
1st, 6th & 10th house placements – where your personality, career, place in the world and daily work live.
11th house – how you relate to the world through groups and others

and so much more!

Want to learn more about your own personal astrology chart and how it can help you shape your brand? Book a brand coaching session.

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