How to increase your value as an entrepreneur: Be of Service

July 26, 2021

Are you finding people aren’t filling up your calendar as much, your sales are a little harder to get, people maybe don’t want to jump in with you on your team? 

Refocus to being of service. 

Most of us when we get into the entrepreneurship game it’s to make the world a better place. 

Somewhere along the line of people telling us to keep our circles small, self care and boundaries (all important things) we go too far and it shifts from how can I serve the world to how can the world serve me? Just focusing on numero uno isn’t what makes us all successful. 

People can sense it. They know when you’re trying to do things to make things easier for you instead of them and when you focus on them your value goes up. Which yes it means that can translate into $$$

Entertain, educate and just be there. 

Being of service is the ultimate form of helping yourself because by making life better for others, the world becomes better for you. 

You become more valuable as a contributing person and the universe loves to reward that energy exchange. 

How can you be more of service? What do you do already?

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