Self Care without Being a Dick

February 7, 2019

I feel like there is this wave of ‘don’t give a shit about what people think, do whatever pleases you, rah rah rah” sometimes goes a bit far in terms of self care. 

And it’s true. To an extent. 

Let’s be brave and true to ourselves without being dicks to human kind, because this wave of selfishness is sometimes a bit far and we’ve bred this insatiable need to just wall up and only care about numero one. We are all connected and we need to remember to be kind to our fellow humans – without a cost to ourselves. 

I think you have more than a RIGHT to say NO to a situation that doesn’t serve you mentally, emotionally, physically. You owe it to others to not be a jerk and cancel last minute when someone’s depending on you. 

I think you have a RIGHT to remove friends and family from your life. You don’t have a right to just ghost them and hurt them without giving a short but truthful explanation, even if it’s the harder thing to do. 

I think you have the CHOICE to cut back, say NO or ADJUST if your cup is empty. You can’t help others unless you’ve filled your cup. However if you’re overflowing, reach out to someone else – your karma level will thank you anyway. 

I think you can choose your own family and who is in that circle, blood or not and say screw it to the rest. You do need to honour that connection by respect, love and mutual kindness. 

I think you can cancel plans WITH notice or not show up somewhere if you’re sick – in whatever form – but don’t be a weak ass about it *insert fake cough here*. If it’s legit, then you’re better off not infecting others. This goes for your offspring too. 

I think that apologies are important to remedy a situation, but they do not COUNT if you just repeat the same mistake. They actually make it worse, because not only are you repeating the mistake, you know about it this time. 

I think love is found everywhere. You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone. If you find it everywhere, it will find you. 

So what SELF CARE act are you doing today, without being a total selfish jerk about it? 

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