Life Games

January 15, 2019

Life’s a game, PLAY IT! But first, what is the life game you’re playing? Is it for love, career, adventure? 

One of the things that come up often with clients is thinking about what your life game is. I believe life is game overall and we just play it, and if we focus on the play of it all, it seems a little less stressful, more playful and just as it was meant to be: well lived. 

Well we all want the most amazing life partner, many of us want a family of some sort, an amazing fulfilling career and to experience and see the world, in general we do tend to put a little more focus on one of these more than the others. Similar to how we show our love in the 5 love languages, there is often a bit of a trend towards some more than others. 

For example, for me if my husband wasn’t supportive of my career goals from the get go and understood that there would be days where my career takes priority over us (not always but it happens), then we wouldn’t be together. Same as kids, I choose not to have kids because I feel I can impact more people if I don’t. 

Would you put your kids before your career? Maybe as a mother that seems like an obvious yes but there are many parents who would say no. Even if they say they make money for their family, you can live on next to nothing, so it’s definitely a priority. 

I think you can have two main ones but generally don’t focus primarily on all. Some may focus on family and adventure. Some may focus on family and spiritually. 

While we want to be fulfilled in our lives in all aspects, the conversation is just to start as – being honest with yourself to what your real priorities are. This can set us up to things such as being content with not having a fulfilling career if the truth is that family and adventure are more important. It helps us move away from seeing the “seemingly” all around perfect lives on Facebook. 

So when you think about your life – what is your from the heart top priority? Then work everything else around that.

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