Tammy’s Branding Photos for the Relaxation Hut

March 29, 2022

If you have been to any local marketing around Langley, BC in the last couple years, you’d probably have seen Tammy at least once! Aka The Relaxation Hut!

Tammy’s amazing flax neck wraps, eye pillows and more are perfect for easing stress and calming injuries. With the ability to both heat them up and cool them down.

Why Flax seeds? Here’s what Tammy says:

“By using flax seeds, they are slow to release heat over time because of the linseed oil in each flax seed. I use a large amount of flax seeds in some of my products which help with retaining the heat for a longer period of time.  I also include organic lavender buds and 100% lavender essential oil to help with calming and relaxation.”

I have a number of her products and love them, they are perfect for gifts! I’ve worked with Tammy a couple times now to showcase her and her products, bringing the connection of the amazing person she is behind these products you will love!

Here’s a few photos from her shoot and then some of my clients using her products on their own shoots!

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