Terynn’s Snowy Branding & Birthday photos in Fort Langley

February 25, 2021

I’ve known Terynn for over half a decade now. We originally met as she was a guest at a wedding I photographed. Then I ended up photographing her wedding and through the process we become good friends.

It’s been a few years since her wedding but we’ve stayed in touch and pre-covid got together for dinner dates with our other friend Stacey. Now we say connected through text form but I can’t wait until we can hang out with people again because she lives fairly close to me now, but even closer to my new home we are moving to in the summer.

Birthday AND Branding Photos!

Terynn just turned 30 earlier this month and has been toying with the idea of starting a new side hustle. So it was the perfect time to do a combination session of branding headshots and to celebrate her birthday. With a birthday like that, I showed up with some big purple balloons (also her favourite colour) which added a perfect colourful touch.

Fun tip: balloons are a great way to bring a brand colour into your photos.

Even if you’re not celebrating something!

We met up on a very snowy day in Fort Langley and it was so much fun! The best thing about snow is it makes colours POP (like the balloons and Terynn’s pink shirt). It also means there was less people around and we had some nice open areas to work with.

I’m very fortunate that photographing people gives me a chance to (socially distance) see them during this time and provide them with photos that they can use to growth their passions. I do look forward to the days I can hug my people again though! Until then, check out some photos from Terynn’s shoot!

Terynn’s Feedback after photo delivery:

These are SO good!!!! I love them all! You are so talented! 

Thanks Terynn!

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