Brand Client Feature: Soulful Sage

February 1, 2021


Soulful Sage Wellness Retreats came to me wanting images for both their independent ventures and the joint one of the retreats. Finding me through a discussion on colour, Tannis reached out asking to work together. We started with photography of Tannis & Stevi and then we moved into a full brand subscription. They have their services spread over a year for payment flexibility in a new business and we get to work together on a bunch of things! Here’s what we have done so far…

Brand Photography

We photographed out in Port Moody – where their businesses are. Focusing on Stevi & Tannis as a team and individual businesses. The focus was nature, spirituality and getting some great portraits. 

Brand Coaching

Then we met over zoom to nail down their ideal clients and get them on the same page with the goals and purpose of the business. From that we came up all the elements they would need for their brand… 

Colour Palette & Font Selection

After working through what S&T wanted for ideal clients, how they wanted to show up in the world and a narrowed down discussion of colour impact.  I remember when I first showed them my colour suggestions they gasped it felt so aligned with what they were after. It was so heart warming. We then tweaked it to align with their client goals and set it in stone. I picked out some fonts for them to use on Canva and for their upcoming logo, based on what I knew would vibe well. Together we narrowed it down into the perfect choices.

Logo Development 

The logo we co-created through our brand coaching. S&T had an idea/vision they were after and I interpreted it and worked in the colours and fonts I helped them choose.

I then had it translated it into this design. After 1 revision, Tannis said “This is the one it’s exactly as I pictured it.”

Your Next Nine

When I originally got into branding again, especially brand photography, I realized a big piece was missing from the experience: implement. Your Next Nine is 9 posts that I design for the client using their new branding. This allows them to easily generate social posts and no excuses for not knowing how to design or what to post about. S&T got a great new set of 9 templated posts which they can change out and use again. I selected a “circle” theme to play off their drums and included some nature elements. Mostly we want to maximize their colour and photos for memorability. 

Brand Guide

Lastly, it all comes together in the neat package of a Brand Guide. This guide gives them all the information for fonts, logo usage, “Your Next Nine” details and colour palette. I also included some brand messaging for S&T that they now use in their marketing! It keeps them consistent and so they don’t need to search for the information through multiple emails.

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