When it looks like you do #allthethings, it confuses your audience.

January 27, 2021

A lot of times people are surprised to hear a lot of the stuff I do or have done in my coaching sessions, or just in general. The list gets long from NLP Practitioner to Astrologer to Author to well the obvious – photographer. 

If I told you about #allthethings that I could offer you, I wouldn’t seem very specific in the fact that I do focus on being a branding coach and photographer. 

All those things have contributed to the skills I have today, and many of them help me co-create better personal brands. By showcasing the focus of personal branding and who I am, you know exactly the result you are getting. A personal brand! 

Can I still use my other skills and resources?

Yep, and you better believe I do! 

Too many entrepreneurs that I work with are focused on not leaving anything out in their services, they don’t really attract any clients. It’s too confusing in what you actually focus on and offer. 

So get clear in what you want to provide as a service or product. The rest of the skills will fall into place around it and they won’t be lost. 

In fact, the may be found even more as you create more connections and conversations through your online branding. 

Focusing in on what you are offering is part of the Mindset phase of the MII Brand System. Even if you don’t know where to get started in your business brand, this is where it begins. Book a free consultation discussion to see if we are a good fit.

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