Build Your Personal Brand using this 3x3x3 method

September 26, 2022

A little overwhelmed with where to start in building an effective personal brand? Building a personal brand for your business is simple in this 3x3x3 method.

3 Personal Things

3 Content Pillars

3 Steps to Get There

3 Personal Things

> Your personal brand needs to showcase you as a person but going too far off your business can harm it. Stick to 3 things to help build your brand that are relatable to your soulmate clients and will keep YOU memorable. Share these more casually (stories), connect them to your WHY of your business for the best impact.

Ex: Mom Life, Unique Taste in Music, Favourite Book Stores

3 Content Pillars

> It’s a good rule of thumb to focus your marketing in 3 parts of your business, and cycle through them. Anymore and you might start confusing people!

Ex: Realtors can showcase 1. Their listings 2. Selling/Buying Tips and 3. Community connections

Coaches might want to do 1. Tips for their industry 2. Big program 3. Evergreen OR 3 Different things they help people with.

3 Steps to get there

  1. Mindset : know where you’re going, intentions, goal setting
  2. Image : what does your brand look like with colours, vibe, images
  3. Implement: How are you reaching your soulmate clients – social media, networking, email lists

Follow the 3x3x3 and building your personal brand will be easy!

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