Catherine’s Mortgage Broker Personal Branding Photos

May 6, 2024

Mortgage Brokers are one of my most common clients – because they all benefit from some personal branding work to stand out from their competition. A lot of the time they fall into the habit of wanting to work with everyone and at the same time not showing off who they are so people know they are the right Mortgage Broker for them. This is why during even the photography branding process we talk about your strategy and how to connect to those soulmate clients.

Working with Catherine, I loved how she knew her audience. So for her personal branding photos we went out to Steveston and create some images to really shine her personality. She knows her audience is primary in the Richmond areas so we wanted somewhere people would recognize right away as “home”. She’s approachable so we showed her in this cozy coffee shop and focused on that warm, engaging smile, then we popped out to iconic spots in the area. Steveston is known for their beautiful cherry blossoms at Garry Point Park in the spring and we timed this perfectly to take advantage of them.

With professions like mortgage brokers, it’s incredibly important to have branding images that have environments that speak to your audience! As you look at these images, you can recognize the consistency but Catherine won’t blend into the sea of mortgage brokers that all their images look the same.

Here’s her images from the session:

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