Why your brand photos aren’t vibing with your audience

May 6, 2024

Let’s be straight up here: when you invest in photography for your business, you should be getting a lot more out of it than you might be.

Translation: are the photos moving the needle forward on your business?

Here’s a few reasons why they might not be:

  • You feel and look awkward in the photos.
    Unless you legitimately are comfortable and authentic in your images, it will show on your face. Even if the average person can’t tell consciously, something will turn them away. 

  • Your photos look like everyone else.
    Same exact pose, same background as 3 other people in your network? Ya how’s that going for you? 

  • Even worse: your photos don’t look like you.
    If you are radically retouched and wear clothing that isn’t an everyday you look, how do you expect your clients to take that when they meet you in person? Trust gone. 

  • There’s zero purpose behind your images.
    Unless you can write content to match the images and know the intention behind why you have that photo – sorry but not sorry it’s just a business portrait. Not a branding image. Brand images should speak about your brand or have the strategy to match it to the messaging. 

  • You aren’t led enough in the process.
    There’s a ton of really talented photographers out there who will give you rocking images. But if they just take the photo and hand it over, you might be lost in how to make them work for your business.
  • You’re not invested in the process.
    If you found a photographer that gives you a ton of images for cheap just because you can, are you really valuing the imagery? How about asking questions or bringing your ideas to the table? Or even not actually using your images to the full potential won’t give you results. Having skin in the game is a thing. 

  • It lacks consistency with the rest of your brand.
    Through a branding photography process, you need to be able to match the strategy and visuals to your brand. Contradicting colours, vibes, even photo editing style can cause a confusing audience.
  • You’ve used AI generated images.
    AI generated images are completely fine for supporting material if that’s your jam. But if it’s your headshot, any of your main marketing material or an image creating trust, it’s not you. You’re not creating brand trust. 

  • There’s not enough variety.
    You’re better off use the SAME photo than 10 that are almost the same because people will get the repeated message. However, if all your photos look the same, in the same location,  people will stop paying attention. That’s why when you use brand new photos your engagement gets a new surge.

What do your branding photos saying about you? Are you getting the experience you need? 

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