Fort Langley Cherry Blossom Headshots

April 26, 2022

This is by far the most PINK session I have ever delivered in a full gallery! And I love it!

I always get super excited when I see the cherry blossoms show up each year, and every year I see the white ones first (with the pinkish white) and then jump into the task of trying to figure out when these super pink ones will show up.

LUCKILY I was almost right on the money with Melissa’s session this year. One of my subscription clients, she had this quick session with me out in Fort Langley. I am grateful to have had beautiful weather and great conversations! Melissa is a financial advisor but also just an all around great person to hang out with. We’ve done a few sessions together now and of course worked on her personal branding image.

Here’s a few from our session, how much do you looove these blossoms?!

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