Let me tell you why finding your soulmate clients is so incredibly important to me.

November 29, 2023

Hey, it’s Stef. Let me tell you why finding your soulmate clients is so incredibly important to me.

Growing up, I outwardly did well in school grades wise and really was good at just playing the part of a good girl. Despite some teachers telling me that I was doing things the “wrong” way – I did pull off mostly A’s and marks for top “effort”. 

However I never found like I connected with many people and even my closest friend and I separated ways for a few years. I often drifted from group to group of friends and even wandered outside of my age group to find some sort of commonality. 

I’d like to say that I grew out of the awkwardness of connecting with others as I grew older but I didn’t. Even the moments that I had groups of friends, I felt like I was the one person who didn’t fit properly. The one person who they were laughing at behind my back or just “letting me be there”.

In my 20s, I felt more flow and formed a few strong friendships. However, I still felt like I didn’t quite fit in, especially as friends and cousins moved on to marriage and kids, priorities I hadn’t considered.

At work I got along with people and the place I felt most at “home” was still pushing me to be the oddball. A female in a workplace of mostly men. A designer surrounded by coders and sales people. 

Then I started my own business. Finally, doing things my way. Yet it led to more challenges—backstabbing, false promises, intentional exclusion, not fitting into trends, and even humiliation by one of my coaches.

Realizing I’d never be like everyone else, I embraced my uniqueness and sought those who celebrated it. I stopped pretending, focused on authenticity, and found like-minded people who accept me for who I am.

I started putting out to the Universe: THIS is who I want in my life. Instead of chasing those who were already there. Soulmate people.

I still get hurt. I still get made fun of. I still don’t fit in many places. It’s getting less and I’m just learning to let people show up and focus on the path that I’m forging. 

Can you relate?

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