3 ways to meet your next soulmate client: with a twist

November 29, 2023

Building a personal brand to support your business is about connecting with new clients right?

I mean, why else are you investing your time into marketing? 

Here are 3 ways you can do so outside of social media, with a unique twist on each. 

  1. Networking. Go meet people (online or in person) so they can learn about you, you can support them and you can learn to talk about your business in natural conversation.

    The Twist: find a group that isn’t business but more of an interest of yours. You’re not there to sell, you’re there to make genuine connections and just by asking someone what they do for work, you can casually do the same. Longer time investment but more likely to make a real connection with someone who likes things you do. 

  2. Optimize your website. Spend some time Blogging and working on your SEO (there’s a few webinars in my course platform if you need help). The twist: put a little effort into non-general keywords on pages that you aren’t doing the main ranking for. The keywords that only your soulmate clients are looking for.

    Ex: instead of “Photographer in City” > “Badass Photographer in City” This addition won’t get as many hits but you’ll get that specific client you’re attracting. 

  3. Try a lead magnet. You know – the freebie that gets people on your list.

    The twist: take a chance and offer something higher value but the person has to ask for it. Use the opportunity to start a conversation. You may invest a lot more time with less leads, but they will be a lot more interested in your services than someone just looking for an easy freebie. 

Which one will you try first? Need help with some more strategy? Let’s chat.

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