Why care about your personal brand?

January 17, 2024

With all this talk about your personal brand, maybe you’re thinking that you’re not sure what it is, or even care to put effort into it. I mean, it’s another “thing”, right? 

Your personal brand is the image that is put out into the world and people make decisions based off it whether or not they like you, value your information and possibly buy from you. (Note: Not all personal brands sell things in a monetary way. It could be just selling an opinion or popularity.)

It seems judgey, but the truth is: more than every people are making their buying decisions based on if they feel in alignment with the person who runs the business. We all know you’re only buying a Tesla if you don’t mind Elon Musk.

This happens whether or not you intentionally put it out there.

When you don’t curate your information, have strategies, create consistency in messaging and visuals, the world will decide your personal brand for you. Through their perception. Even a lack of personal brand and not being “found” creates a certain perception about you. 

Yep, we live in a judgy judgement world. So play it to your strengths!

What is an intentional personal brand?

An intentional personal brand is purposely putting out content, visuals, the side of you that you WANT to connect with people on and creating something you want the people you care about to pay attention to. This could be things like:

  • Consistent colours that instantly let your audience know it’s your content before they keep scrolling
  • Branding Photography that says this is who you are and connect people with what you do
  • Marketing messaging that speaks to your business values so people can align
  • A dash of personality that makes you a 3D person instead of just a business, without sharing every detail of your life (nobody wants to know it all)

Is it worth overcoming the fear of putting yourself out there in your personal brand?

If you’re someone is afraid to put yourself out there, a personal brand can actually be the better way. As you have control over what you say and portray instead of the assumptions made. You can still hide under a rock but if you are a business owner who interacts with people at any stage – your personal brand is being created for you no matter what. 

Are you starting to see the value? 

Need help with your intentional Personal Branding Strategy, let’s talk.

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