3 Magical Things that happen when you work with your Soulmate Clients

June 9, 2022

I’m passionate about working with my soulmate clients because it’s made every part of my business easier. 

There’s far more than 3 things, but here’s a few to motivate you!

  1. You get some of your time back
    Soulmate clients are easier to communicate with because you speak more of the same language. Less back and forth! You also often get quicker “yes” answers to sign up with you because they connect with you sooner.
  2. You get to set your business boundaries
    Knowing who your soulmate clients mean you also know who they aren’t. It becomes easier to say “omg yes!!” or “ack, no” to who you work with. Soulmate clients also respect your time and personal needs.
  3. You get a confidence boost.
    Soulmate clients get better results by working with you because there’s good communication and you are both passionate about the process. When people succeed this adds to our confidence of providing the product or service.

Are your marketing to your soulmate clients? 

If not… Here’s a tip to get you that much closer. 

Imagine meeting your soulmate client in a coffee shop for a kickoff meeting. As soon as you meet them, you INSTANTLY feel connected and on the same page. Picture them as a REAL person – give them a name, know everything about them. Then when you go to post your content, write as if you are speaking to THAT person. Hold that vision of them in your mind. This will start to send out the basic frequency of who you want to work with. 

Want to take this to the next level? Check out the program Resonate: The Soulmate Client Connection

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