33 Ways To Improve your PERSONAL BRANDING

February 11, 2022

  1. Find out where your passion + serving others intersect 
  2. Know what things you are solving for people
  3. Tap into what you are good at
  4. Know your why
  5. Establish your ideal clients
  6. Have a consistent colour palette 
  7. Use consistent themes in your brand design
  8. Include something that is unique to you that shows your personal side (love for wine, dogs, etc) 
  9. Show your own face
  10. Use your own words in content
  11. Use your own voice in videos 
  12. Have professional photos that showcase your brand 
  13. Dress in your brand colours/themes 
  14. Buy business products in your brand colours/themes for your photos and meetings
  15. Learn to love the experience of being in front of the camera
  16. Know that working with your ideal clients trump your own insecurities 
  17. Face your insecurities 
  18. Understand you are imperfectly perfect
  19. Develop your resilience 
  20. Delete and unfollow negative people
  21. Reassess who you are working with if it doesn’t feel good 
  22. Strengthen your empathy without taking on people’s “stuff” 
  23. Trust your intuition 
  24. Learn to take things less personally 
  25. Make changes when necessary 
  26. Be at CAUSE for your brand and business (take ownership that it’s on you) 
  27. Work with clients who actually want your services
  28. Understand your values and build your brand around them
  29. Network with like-valued people
  30. Collaborate with complimentary entrepreneurs
  31. Don’t be afraid to get help or ask for feedback
  32. Say no.
  33. Be YOU

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