Subbies at Old Dewdney [Pitt Meadows Branding Photographer]

March 7, 2022

When I first launched the Subscription Program – aka “Subbies” – my goals were simple but incredibly intentional and purposeful:

  • Create a community of like-valued entrepreneurs that I could surround myself with
  • Have an affordable option for group Personal Brand Coaching & Photography
  • Establish an experience unlike any other (there’s STILL nothing like this ANYWHERE in Greater Vancouver – or that I’ve seen in general)
  • Grow alongside amazing people

The subbies program has become that and more. It is a combination of multiple photo sessions a year on specific dates and a monthly brainstorm (group coaching/mastermind) on personal branding topics. People can sign up for 2, 4 or 6 photo sessions a year and then they get discounts on all my other services as well

The BEST part is when we have photo days and a handful of them show up to get their own photos done and it’s an opportunity on the spot to collaborate with other members. The locations are picked to be great for social media and website posts. When you have completely different people who are embracing the originality of their personal brand, even the SAME location can have such variety for these entrepreneurs. Best of all they can be in each other’s photos to create even more connection.

Want to see some of the results? Here’s a few photos from our last subbies photo day at Old Dewdney House in Pitt Meadows.

Interested in this experience? Go here to apply and learn more.

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