Confidence in Your Personal Brand

December 28, 2023

Struggle with confidence? You’d be surprised how many people you think are confident didn’t start off that way.

The last couple years I get comments about my confidence. Both in person and what it seems like online through this account. 

It usually catches me off guard because a lot of the reason I work in personal branding is because I had to LEARN to be confident, and even then sometimes I waver for a moment and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to get there in a moment. Sometimes even, it feels it goes completely out the door. 

And that’s my reply. 

“For me, it’s a learned behaviour”

I think for most people it is. It’s the continuous effort of showing up, of maybe even being knocked down (but getting up again) and learning to step into the confidence. 

For me, a little magic of neuro-lingustic techniques have helped too, but again, it’s learned. 

You can learn to be confident too. 

In fact, I bet your confidence will be even stronger than someone born with it because you have the humility first, the confidence second and something earned is that much more sweet than something given. 

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