Winter Solstice

December 21, 2023

Today is Winter Solstice. 

Where to you, it might mean just the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Or that time we know we are officially in Winter. 

To me, it’s quite the bundle of energy shifts. 

Particularly the way my own energy works, any season change has this big shift into the next phase, releasing old and taking in the new. With Winter Solstice being the strongest of all 4 seasons. My energy often gets a little built up and convoluted as it needs to really be assessed before moving forward. Particularly I get senses and tingly intuition spikes for what is going to be going on for the next 3-6 months. I always have to take a lot of extra time to sort through what is my energy feeling vs what is the world feeling. Hello empath at work here. 

Plus we have that whole coming to the end of the year stuff where people are naturally reflected.  I’m sure you can relate to this in some form or another as we close up the year.  

Why does this matter on a Personal Branding page? Well, because I believe with full determination and experience that the energy behind what you do and what is going on your world matters just as much as the strategy. Together they work in bringing you what you need. 

When you are aware of how your own personal energy works AND how the collective works, you can use that to build your strategy around it. 

Solstice is about coming back to the light, but we can only do that if we learn to navigate the darkness first. There’s no good/bad here, it’s about mastering the duality of both. What do you need to see that isn’t working before you step into what is? Reflect on that today. 

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