Is your personal brand too personal?

July 5, 2023

Your personal brand is ultimately to sell your talent, services or products to an audience. 

The personal side is to help connect you with that audience. 

But are you becoming too personal? Sharing too much of relatable “stuff” and not enough about the actual business? 

If your personal brand becomes more about you and less about your business, you’re likely going to lose some of your audience. 

They want to know that you are someone they can relate to, but more important that you are someone that can help them. 

People connect with their soulmate clients through their personal side, which means showing things you’re interested in and creating a bridge between you and that potential client. So they can say “oh hey they are like me”! 

But people forget this is still about providing something TO your soulmate client. Most of your content still needs to be about what you do and how it helps people. 

Take a look at your last 10 pieces of content. Feed posts, stories, etc and if about 2/3 is you talking about the business you’re good. However if you’re more about the personal things, you may want to add more business content! 

While you want to connect to your audience – whether it be your mutual love for craft beer or that you’re a dog mom – make sure that you’re still SERVING your audience in what they came for. 

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