The 10 C’s of Your Personal Brand

March 28, 2023

Our personal brands are this amazing blend of who we are and who we help. After building my own personal branding, these are the things that I have found to be the most important, particularly from a mindset point of view and how you run things.

  1. Communicate clearly.
    With your marketing and to your clients!  A little refinement goes a long way. 

  2. Honour your Commitments.
    With yourself and others. Say you’re going to do something? Do it. If you can’t, cut back.

  3. Create Consistency.
    Your brand needs to feel the same from instagram to your website to your in person interactions. Consistency also means keep at things regularly that you offer if you want to grow.

  4. Be Considerate.
    Everyone has their own story, offerings and place in the world. Support others and be friendly.

  5. Use Colour – and other elements that will help you be memorable. 

  6. Avoid being Complacent.
    Always learn and adapt to new technologies and be willing to get help in areas that you are lacking in. 

  7. Collaborate with like-valued people.
    Two or more heads can be better than one! Masterminds are an excellent place to foster this. 

  8. Compare only with yourself, where you’ve been to where you’re going.
    Don’t compare to anyone else, it’s the thief of your joy.  

  9. Get Coached.
    No one can ever see all of their own stuff objectively so you will need an outside opinion to move you forward at times.

  10. Enable your Charisma!
    Put yourself out there, smile and be friendly in your marketing so you are approachable,  help others feel comfortable and show that you are a leader in your niche. 

I could go on but 10 seems like a nice number and a great list to keep on hand as you build your personal branding. What might you add to the list? What are you going to improve on next?

If this resonates with you, I’d love to help you build your personal branding further. Let’s take yours to the next level.

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