The Secret of a Personal Branding Recipe

June 11, 2021

Creating and building your own personal brand can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start! A great way to think about it is like a recipe for creating your personal brand.

A brand recipe works something like this:

Step 1: What do you do and who do you work with?
Step 2: What is something unique in the way you do business compared to your competitors?
Step 3: What is something you love (that is not to do with your business) that is memorable?
Step 4: What is something that allows you to be good at your business?
Step 5: How does your business solve what people need?
Step 6: Add your own flair (spice) to make it your own

Throw it into the pot together. This is the start of your personal brand. This is what you talk about and build your content around.

Then you come up with colours that connect, images that engage and on point messaging that gives value to your ideal clients and draws them in. This is the meal, this is what people will consume and entice them.

Done like dinner. Ready to start cooking?

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