What is Time Line Therapy® and how it is useful in Personal Branding?

June 13, 2021

Time Line Therapy® is a the brainchild of the late Tad James and combines the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis. 

Have you ever wondered why when you repeat a behaviour or get irrationally angry about something, it might remind you of a situation in the past? Maybe something that “triggered” you? This is an example of how we continue to collect events along our “Time Line” and then bring it forward. 

Your unconscious mind stores your memories on your own “Time Line” and this is how it knows the difference between your past, present and future. When we have behaviours that we want to change, such as “hating yourself in photos” this is an unconscious decision that was made in the past and through this process of Time Line Therapy®, we can release unhelpful decisions and emotions on an unconscious level so that the effects are fast and they last. 

Too many times we try and change things in the present consciously and wonder why it doesn’t stick. It’s because our unconscious mind takes over and continues the behaviour. A behaviour often learned from the past. 
Time Line Therapy® allows you to change these behaviours for good. 

Time Line Therapy® for Personal Branding

I absolutely think Time Line Therapy® is one of the best tools of mindset for personal branding. A lot of times we hold on to our baggage and it impacts how we can share our magic to the world. Imagine discovering the point that someone decided that they didn’t deserve to have an amazing business. They could try and try to have their business succeed, but they never will if they don’t shift that unconscious decision in the past. Maybe one that they didn’t even know about as many of the problems in our business such as “being too shy to do reels”, “unable to make money” and “hating how you look in photos” are all deeper unconscious things that can be shifted. 

My own personal experience (of many) using Time Line Therapy® allow me to let go of my need for approval for others and that I took things too personally. In a business and personal brand, this wasn’t helpful as it caused me a lot of anxiety and often stopped me from showing up congruently for my clients. After just 1 breakthrough session including Time Line Therapy®, I became more confident, secure in my decisions, quit a group that wasn’t working for me and people noticed the change in my personality. This was within DAYS, not months, not years, DAYS!

Imagine how much easier it would be to show up for your clients and share your magic with the world if you didn’t have some of these things holding you back. Imagine shifting it quickly without going through a long drawn out process. 

Using your “Time Line” for future success

Time Line Therapy® is also used for manifestation and achieving your goals. We get very specific about what you want in your life and we put you on the path of achieving it. From an unconscious and conscious level. 

Ever set yourself goals and they don’t just seem to happen? It’s often because you’re more likely just “wishing” for something to happen. Using the process of Time Line Therapy® we can teach your unconscious mind to notice the steps you need to notice and work towards achieving your goals. Consciously you take the action in or to propel the law of attr(action) and get what you want in your life. 

I have used Time Line Therapy® for my future “Time Line” to afford my full Master certification (when before I didn’t think I’d be able to), buy a new home, grow my business, pay off all my debt and create a life I love. I set the stage on the unconscious level and then followed up with the work to have it all fall into place. Where before I used to set goals and they just didn’t happen, now they do with this powerful technique. 

Experiencing Time Line Therapy® for your business and personal brand

As a trained Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®, I’d love to help you break through the barriers of what is holding you back in your personal brand and business. Maybe it’s something in your life, relationships or personal growth that needs to be addressed first before you can Brand Your Brilliance and share your magic to the world. 

Book a brand assessment session to see if we are a good fit to get started.

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