What’s the difference between “Personal” vs “Regular” Branding

March 9, 2023

Personal Branding is a newer term over the last decade, and while it’s a subset of “regular” branding in general, it’s not the same. 

What exactly IS Personal Branding?

A lot of people understand what branding is, but what is the difference between regular branding and personal branding. Here are just some of the many things that differentiate the two:

Regular Branding is typically for a company, organization, etc

Personal Branding is about a person.

Regular Branding consists of marketing techniques such as brand colours, brand tone, messaging, logos, themes, imagery to create a consistent look and feel around the company, product or service.

Personal Branding also consists of these marketing techniques.

Regular Branding always includes a logo. 

Personal Branding does not (it can though as is a good idea). 

Regular Branding focuses on the company as a whole, with the visual branding at the forefront being the logos, colours, etc.

Personal Branding focuses on a person who may or may not
run a company with their face and personality at the forefront.

Regular Branding people are looking to buy from a company.

Personal Branding people are looking to buy from a person.

Regular Branding, once established is hard to change because it’s attached to a company, product or service.

Personal Branding ebbs and flows as the personal grows.
Changes can be made through that process.

You can have a personal brand if you run a team or company, in fact it’s even more important as you are not only selling to your potential clients, but potential team members. They want to know who their boss is going to be. The bottom line is “Are you the face of the company and are you the reason people want to buy from it?” Typically it’s your vision that started the company or you’re the one that people are drawn to for the personality, likeness, or similar values. You are the one they learn to trust and like.

If you are someone who needs to be the face of their business such as a coach, realtor, mortgage broker, counsellor then personal branding is definitely the way you need to go. Even if you are a part of a larger umbrella company. If people are buying from YOU, that’s where a personal brand comes in.

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