Why Personal Branding is a MUST HAVE in a direct sales business.

October 6, 2020

Direct sales companies (some people may know them as MLMs) are fantastic for jumping into a business with not a lot of knowledge and not a lot of commitment. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t have the time or the know-how to jump in and get started on an additional income stream!

Sometimes they get a bad image for being “pyramid schemes”, yet most businesses are built by a chain of people buying product so its similar. 

They have some people who have poor sales techniques and many interactions leave a bad taste in your mouth after dealing with a sales associate due to aggressive measures. It’s like that car salesman you just can’t wait to get away from. 😔

What I love 💜 about them is that they have some really cool products that the companies solely focus on and they already have a built in marketing platform with awareness. You know that Tupperware is great quality product for food storage and Norwex is perfect for chemical free cleaning. 

I personally used to sell one and it was a fun experience, but now I have my own products and I support tons of my friends who have direct sales businesses! 

The downside when it comes to these companies is you are in a giant mass of people who are selling the exact same thing, with the exact same marketing material and with little to no strategy in standing out. 

I know at least 10 people alone who sell Tupperware, who I am CLOSE to. That’s hard to choose who to buy from. If you’re selling to your local neighbourhood how are YOU standing out?

Personal Branding, that’s how! 

Personal Branding is absolutely key in developing strategies in selling your direct sales products. While all the big stuff like branding colours, logos, websites are done for you – showcasing why people need to buy from you through engaging photos, personal brand development and marketing strategy is what will set you apart from your competition. 

Stand out from the 1000’s of other people selling the exact same thing and be the one THEY choose to buy from. 

Get in touch with me to see how we can work together to build your Direct Sales Personal Brand. I have a few special offers exclusively for you and you’ll want in if you want to build your business.

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