Are you tired of just being an “option” for clients?

March 7, 2022

Two years ago I was feeling done with potential clients considering me as an option in the endless sea of photographers.

Negotiating prices, ghosting me, me bending over backwards for no reward, all the fun stuff.

Not to mention I was barely even on people’s radar as a life & business coach. So I decided something needed to change.

I leaned into my personal branding and went ALL in.

Now, I have clients saving up their money to work with me.

I have people who know I’m the only choice for them because they know who I am and they know I can help them make stuff happen.

I have people wanting to work with me on brand coaching because they know I can help them and I’m the coach for them. 

You are so ready to step into your brilliance and be the only choice for your ideal clients.

Not just another option among the masses.

It comes from diving deep into the who you want to work with, how it’s a problem that you aren’t showing up in your mastery and creating a consistent message and look in your branding. You know it! Here’s your nudge to just take that step forward that’s going to make all the difference.

Build your personal branding. You got this.

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