The weight on your mind matters more than on your body

April 26, 2021

These photos are taken about 2.5 years apart.

The one on the right is from my wedding in September 2018. An amazing day in an amazing place. I was marrying the guy I love and surrounded by my favourite people.

The purple background one was taken just the other day.  In my office, just being silly and generating some content posts.

Like many brides, I fixed on my weight and appearance before my wedding day. Along with all the stresses of planning a wedding, trying to look my best for these photos was on my mind constantly. Then when I got my photos back, even after being in the hospital thanks to an illness induced completely by stress, I wasn’t completely happy in how I looked in them either. They were GORGEOUS photos and I was overall super thrilled with them, but I got in my own head that I didn’t hit that goal weight and I had a few chins in some of the photos.

Fast forward to the purple wall photos. Thing is, I’m 20lbs heavier in these photos. I’m not completely thrilled with that from a health point of view, and the fact my wedding ring doesn’t currently fit is a little upsetting because I can’t wear it, but it’s just a season I’m going through and stuff I’m working on. It’s not a judgement of who I am.

The difference though? I actually LIKE myself now and what I see. I’ve learned to love myself and realize that stressing about all the things like your wedding photos isn’t worth it. I know that these photos are fun and they help me connect to people I want to enrich my life with. The stuff all around it? Yeah it doesn’t matter so much. There’s days I get down on myself about it for a moment or two, but it no longer stops me from showing up to share my business with you and as a whole I’m pretty damn proud of who I am.

Which is far more visible than a few extra lbs.

Dealing with how you see yourself, how you put yourself out there and just showing up is all in the mind game. Because you can want to lose that 20 lbs all you want but if you don’t work on the weight going on inside, you’ll never move forward.

It’s why I can help you with both the technique/artistic side of the photography itself AND the mindset. Either in snippets as part of your photography experience or you can really dive deep into removing some limiting beliefs around this stuff through the hypnotherapy techniques I’m trained in.  Fun thing is: I’m upgrading those skills next month, perfect time for you to book your complementary consultation.

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