When Branding is missing out of Branding Photographer

April 6, 2021

Did you know? Branding Photography is a newer term on the block, showing up just a few years ago and multiplying significantly since the start of the pandemic. 

What many people refer to it as is simply photography showcasing a business. A mix of headshots, lifestyle photos, product images and any photos that a business can use to promote their business online. In a way – they are the step beyond just headshots. 

And that is how most people, including many branding photographers treat it. 

However, branding photography goes beyond that. It is all those things and taking the time to learn a person’s business and make decisions for their photography based on what their business is trying to achieve. A branding photographer needs to know branding inside and out – they need to know the impact of colour, how to ask questions about ideal clients (and how that will impact their photography) and the difference that outfits can make on attracting those ideal clients. 

Would you believe that many branding photographers know very little about branding besides how to take some photos that showcase a business? It’s why you’ll see branding photography lumped in with the catch-all photographer who also advertises that they do families, weddings, real estate, portraits and more.  

It’s why picking a photographer who knows branding is important in the success of Branding Your Brilliance. 

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