What is your Personal Brand Voice?

February 3, 2024

I’ve been pondering this lately a little for my own personal brand, as I like to check in every few months with where I’m going, who I’m speaking to (soulmate clients) and how it is I’m doing that. It’s important to make sure you’re taking a look at who’s coming into your inbox (if anyone at all) and what may need to be course corrected. 

So let’s talk today about your personal brand’s voice.

Think about when you go to an event and you meet someone. You notice right away their tone, maybe a distinct language they use, their energy and maybe the level of seriousness. 

This is their voice. Not just their speaking, but the essence of who they are and how they carry themselves. I personally often refer to this as their vibe or energy. 

You need to have an idea of what your voice is to keep it consistent. Like your colours and other visuals. 

Luckily in a personal brand vs corporate brand, this is who you are naturally. However – sometimes when people get nervous or unsure how to present themselves to people, their voice can vary and create inconsistencies in how people may view the personal brand. 

Examples of brand voice traits could be: 

  • Bold
  • Powerful 
  • Confident
  • Funny 
  • Grounded
  • Nurturing
  • Cheeky 
  • Refined 
  • Serious
  • Sarcastic 

You can take it even further and write out a statement to how you want people to feel interacting with your personal brand. Similar to a mission statement.

While maybe you have almost all those qualities in you at different times, you need to pick just a few key traits and make sure that’s how you carry yourself in your videos and in your marketing copy. 

You also need to have this match your soulmate clients. Ask yourself, how do I want my soulmate client to describe my personal brand?

Spend some time to think of how you want your personal brand to be perceived, then check in with your content to make sure that it’s matching your brand’s voice.

If you want some help getting there – let’s talk about a strategy session.

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