When did you decide you didn’t want to put yourself out there?

March 27, 2021

Did you know… Being scared to put yourself out there can be from an event in your past?

When I was 10, I wore bright pink jeans to school. When I had put them on in the morning I felt fantastic and super excited to bright and bold.

As I arrived at school, a couple of the popular girls in my class made fun of me. Saying the pants were stupid, ugly and I was silly for wearing them. I felt like crap all day long and just wanted to hide.

Then on my way home, I actually fell in a mud puddle and my new pink jeans were a mess.

That day taught me something: that I didn’t want to stand out and just be myself. Because standing out meant that I would be teased and bad things like falling in mud puddles would happen.

Now when you’re 10, you don’t realize that unconsciously you made that decision and that unconscious decision follows you through your life.  Impacting how you interact with others, choosing to show yourself or hide and whether you pick the path of being bold or safe.  It creates a chain of events that you might have chosen differently on each one if it had never happened.

Most people let those decisions run their lives forever and I can tell you up until the point that I became a Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® practitioner, it ran how I showed up in the world too.  In fact, I didn’t even realize this was an igniting event until I went through the process of uncovering it myself.

It’s why a big part of my MII Brand System is the Mindset. We aren’t talking the fluffy stuff here, it’s the big unconscious decisions of why we avoid being seen and being individuals. While branding mindset is figuring out who you are in your brand, we can also dive deeper into shifting some of these decisions.

When did you decide you didn’t want to show up? Let’s explore it together.
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